Watch Improv at These Classic Chicago Venues

Comedy improvisation got its start in Chicago. The city is still the place to see some of the best improv comedy shows anywhere. You can find comedy improv all over the city, but a few spots near the OneEleven really stand out. The Second City This is where it all...


Catch a Magic Show at Chicago’s Iconic Venues

Magic is all about anticipation. Talented masters of deception are able to entertain while they pull off the incomprehensible. The surprise of the unknown is a time-tested thrill-maker engaging the audience in shared wonderment. Find a magic show near OneEleven at one of Chicago’s magic theaters, restaurants, and venues. Trickery...


Enjoy an Evening of Live Theater in the Loop

If you’re tempted to explore the Chicago theater scene, a great place to start is live theater in the Loop. It’s home to the officially designated Chicago Theater District, founded when the Mark Goodman Theatre moved to Dearborn Street at the turn of the millennium. If you live in OneEleven,...


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