Enjoy an Escape Room Challenge at Brain Drain for Indoor Fun

Are you looking for something to do inside this winter—away from the rain, snow, and cold weather? Are you someone who can’t be cooped up at home for very long and need some interactive fun? Then try experiencing one of Chicago’s escape room complexes for some adventure! Brain Drain is an...


Fun Adult Volleyball Leagues in Chicago

The game of volleyball isn’t reserved just for Olympian athletes or for kids in gym class. Even if you were never the team captain in 7th grade, you can still enjoy the exciting rush of volleyball in adulthood when you live in OneEleven. Few things can beat the simple rush of...


Learn a New Dance at These Chicago Dance Studios

Nothing is more energizing or artistic than moving your body to music. Dancing provides a healthy workout. Also, it lifts the spirit, relieves tension, and increases focus. The area around OneEleven is home to a diverse selection of Chicago dance studios. Each one is taught by talented artisans in a...


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