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Order Takeout Tonight From Taqueria Express

A few weeks ago, Chicago got a new option for Mexican food: Taqueria Express. It joins a slew of mom-and-pop taco shops sprinkled throughout the city, many of which are within a stone’s throw of home. And since it offers delivery and take-out, it’s easy to get your fix of Mexican food whenever you’re craving it.

When it comes to tacos, Taqueria Express keeps it simple and authentic, offering just four options. The tacos come stuffed with steak, pork, chicken, or chorizo, always accompanied by your choice of lettuce and tomato or onions and cilantro. In the mood for a burrito? The same proteins star in the burritos, but with beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sour cream as the accouterments. Taqueria Express also offers lighter options, such as taco salads and burrito bowls.

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