Navigating Grant Park in One Day

July 9, 2015 | Neighborhood
Navigating Grant Park in One Day

Grant Park is a 319-acre stretch of the best Chicago has to offer. It is a must-see for tourists and a staple attraction for Chicagoans alike. Many of its features are well-known, and one of the most popular is Millennium Park. Navigating Grant Park and all it has to offer can be daunting, but we’ve broken down a day you can spend at “Chicago’s front yard.”


Getting There

Exit your OneEleven apartment and go down Clark Street and make a right on Lake. Stop by Cosi to get a quick, healthy breakfast. They have many options to choose from that will get you fueled up for the day.


After breakfast head to Lake Street, and then make a right onto Michigan Avenue. Your first stop is going to be Millennium Park.


Millennium Park

As you enter, you may want want to check out Millennium Monument located within the Wrigley Square portion of Millennium Park. The 40-foot-high monument is a tribute to the benefactors of Millennium Park. It’s also just great to look at.


The Bean

It’s actually named Cloud Gate, because the sculpture reflects the city skyline, but locals just call it “the Bean” for its shape. The sculpture is made up of 168 stainless steel plates that were welded together, and it’s notable because it has no visible seams. Whether you’re a tourist or a long-time Chicagoan, you have to get a least one pic of yourself reflected in the bean!


The Pavilion

Next, you’ll want to check out the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. The Pavilion features many musical and comedic acts, and their online schedule will let you know if there is anything playing on your day out. Don’t worry if there’s not— it’s so close that you can easily come back for a fun show!


Crown Fountain

As you continue into Millennium Park, you’ll see Crown Fountain— really, it’s hard to miss it. This interactive art piece includes two glass brick towers that use LEDs to display videos of different faces that eventually open their mouths to pour out water. Between towers is a black granite reflecting pool that you’ll find people splashing in all day.



Art Institute of Chicago

As you continue down Grant Park, you’ll pass by the Art Institute of Chicago, where you could spend an entire day roaming through the many exhibits. If you’re getting hungry, grab a bite to eat at their cafe.



Petrillo Music Shell

Continuing through the park you’ll pass the Petrillo Music Shell, where you may have enjoyed the Chicago Blues Festival. If not, check out the many live music shows you can attend there— you may even pass by one when you’re there!



Buckingham Fountain

Next up is the Buckingham Fountain, the center of Grant Park. It is one of the world’s largest fountains and was dedicated as gift to the city in 1927. At this point, you’ll probably need a break, so we suggest taking a breather by the picturesque fountain.



Museum Campus

When you’ve caught your breath, head down to Museum Campus where you’ll find more of Chicago’s world-class museums, including the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum of Natural History. The museums are treasure troves of exciting exhibits where you are sure to learn, experience, and be amazed.



Soldier Field

Next, make your way to Soldier Field football stadium, which first opened in 1924. The Chicago Bears play there and you might want to catch a game when Football season rolls around.



Grab a Bite to Eat

By now you’re probably amazed, tired, and a little hungry. We suggest you grab dinner at a nearby location, some of which include: The Spoke & the Bird, Coast Sushi, and Tapas Valencia. Afterwards, take a cab, make the walk, or walk to State & Lake and get on the 29 bus to State & 15th Street to get back to your OneEleven home.


To learn more about living in a Chicago Apartment close to all the exciting things the city has to offer, contact OneEleven today.


Image Source: Flickr